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for the second time in two days, is suitland high school student has been shot and killed. brianne carter is at the school with the latest and the search for the killer. >> search crews hold out hope that everyone made it out of this massive fire in kansas city. >> now's a good time to dig into your closet for the popular 1990's fashions. they're making a comeback. you will not believe how much money people are paying for these overalls. good morning, washington. "good morning washington"at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> it is wednesday february 20.
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i am scott thuman. >> i am cynne simpson. good morning. let's get to meteorologist jacqui jeras for the forecast. >> i am a little tired this morning, but i'm not remembering pink overalls from the 1990's. our concern is that there will be a few scattered small xbox that could catch you off guard this morning, black ice. -- a few scattered clouds lee xbo -- scattered slick spots. it's 35 degrees in d.c. right now. but it's 31 in martinsburg and 30 in gaithersburg, 29 in hagerstown. will make it up to 36 by noon, a 37 by 5:00. it will be feeling like 20 with winds gusting around 25 miles an hour today. let's find out if we're having trouble on the roads, with jamee.
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>> in manassas, there's a crash on rte. 234 northbound before dumphries road. police are responding and they should be there momentarily. on 95, you are getting through out of stafford, dale city over the occoquan lorton and newington, volume is light up to the beltway. no problems in montgomery county. there is a closure on van dusen road because of road repairs. nice and quiet in washington. back to you. >> thank you. prince george's county police are looking into what led to a deadly shooting. in hillcrest shooting this happened before 11:00 on branch avenueb. the 30-year-old victim was pumping gas at the station when a gunman approached, chased him,
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and shot him. investigators say the gunman was high on pcp and that officers had to taser him before getting into custody. no officers were hurt. >> prince george's county police are investigating a separate murder. once again, the victim is a student from suitland high school. >> unbelievable. he is the sixth student killed in the county this school year alone. brianne carter is live this morning and suitland high school. yesterday they had counselors on hand to help students deal with the last tragically. >> they might be back here again today. it's unimaginable for students returning to class today, the second student's death in just as many days. prince george's county police are searching for suspects after double shooting in forestville left another school and high- school student dead. an 18-year-old was transported and pronounced dead at the hospital. the 18-year-old is a ninth grader at suitland high school.
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s second 18-year-old is in grave condition. it is the second student debt at this school in as many days. charles walker jr. was gunned down on monday while walking arizona. it was over a pair of shoes. >> i'm enraged at a young person in our community cannot walk the streets with a shopping bag without being shot in back. >> the back-to-back murders of the two teenagers, but does not appear to be related, bringing the total number of high-school students killed to 6 in just as many months. or is it is sad kids getting killed. >> police say they have nothing to lead them to believe that these two shootings are connected. they are asking for the community's help. they say if anyone knows anything, please contact police. reporting live, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> thank you. 5:04. new details on a bail hearing
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today 4 pillich at least oscar pistorius. >> jummy olabanji has the latest from south africa. police just testified moments ago that they found two boxes of testosterone and needles in his bedroom. the detectives also testified earlier this morning that he did not legally own the gun that was found inside his home. prosecutors say he's a flight risk and should not be granted bail. he's in court for the second day of his pioneering. double amputee is accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend reeva steenkamp on valentine's day. he maintains the body was firing at an intruder. i am reading now from a reuters reporter in the courtroom that the south african detective on the stand just said that witnesses heard a gunshot and then screamed and then -- then screams and then even more gunshots.
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any new details we get in the next couple minutes, we will make sure to pass that along. >> thank you. crews in kansas city worked through the night of the scene of a gas explosion which led to this massive fire. >> it took place at an upscale shopping district. john gonzalez is in a satellite center going through these amazing images from. exactly what happened? >> it was happy hour. patrons of the well-known j.j. is a restaurant which was under renovation recalled a smstrong smell of gas. more than a dozen people injured and three people missing after an explosion rocked the downtown kansas city restaurant. >> it was happy hour at the restaurant. we make sure that we comb that incident.
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authorities are searching with cadaver droogs after a four alarm fire. >> it hit like a shock wave. >> 100 firefighters battled the blaze. gas company believes the contract in companies struck a natural gas line. >> the heat from the fire came into my car window even though the window was appliup. >> at least one person is in critical condition. authorities are trying to account for everyone who was inside the restaurant at the time something they say will take some time. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> 33 degrees on this wednesday morning. >> much more ahead. problems for apple.
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♪ ♪ i'd like to thank eating right whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more aiole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't.
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multigrain cheerios has whole grain anli110 delicious calories. ...more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios [ female announcer ] get creamy, dreamytt peanut butter taste in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning washington. i am meteorologist jacqui jeras. it's hump day huny. meteorologist adam caskey is at the tidal basin. the countdown is on.
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>> it feels like it's a little premature to think about the tear blossom festival, but the countdown begins. -- the cherry blossom festival. we are one month away from the festival. i'm under the beautiful trees with the jefferson memorial in the background. it is cold. i will have to put on my knit hat that my mother made. it's 33 degrees. it is windy. you will really notice the wind. that makes it feel like it is a lot colder with wind chills in the '20s not just now but even in the afternoon. 29 in germantown, 33 degrees in warrenton, 30 in la plata, 30 and sterling right now. here is the forecast. it will be cold with high temperatures in the upper 30's for most of us, mid to upper 30's. that will make it feel like the 20's with gusts from time to time.
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not much of an improvement tomorrow. jacqui will have more on that in a few minutes. now to the commute with jamee. >> we are moving great on this wednesday morning. virginia 395, coming off the beltway, the entire trip to and across the 14th street bridge. looks good at georgetown, key bridge, and anacostia bridge, no trouble. in manassas, northbound side of 234 try to get into manassas and the downside is shut down before you get to dumphries road. there's a crash. you are able to get by southbound. 619 is an option, but that is a big work around. all lanes are open on 66 and 95. back to you. >> thank you. >> it's 33 degrees.
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cracks coming up, the countdown is over. robin roberts returns to mdma later today. we will take a look at
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with
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cynne simpson is off and scott thuman. >> the memoir of the late jenni rivera will be released in july. she died in a plane crashed in northern mexico in december. the book will be released in english and in spanish. robin roberts will have to get used to the early morning wake- up calls again. later today she returns to the anger chair -- anchor chair at the times square studio after getting treatments for a rare blood disorder. family will be there along with her doctor. at 6:00 a.m. we will talk to her colleague letter spencer about her return. you can see gma at 7:00 after our newscast. >> hollywood is making
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preparations. >> they're working to turn part of hollywood boulevard into oscars central. arch campbell is headed to los angeles later this week. you can see our reports starting on friday. and you can caps the oscars sunday night and 8:30 right here on abc 7. a fashion statement from the 1990's is making a comeback. >> we are talking about overalls. several pairs have calmed down this spring on ways, including best suede pair at $1,400. they have sold out. other designers are following suit in producing overalls. >> day you think that you could rock them?
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>> i don't know. >> i will do me. let's get to the weather with jacqui. >> garrett county public schools on a two hour delay. the weather will be an issue in some areas. >> there is snow in west virginia and northern maryland. we have some slippery spots. the temperatures near 30 degrees. there are some wet spots on the road. temperatures around the freezing mark or just below. bridges and overpasses can get icy. it's 35 degrees right now until at 27, wind out of the north and northwest at 10 miles an hour. not bad compared to later today for the wind. it's 32 degrees at dulles and manassas, 28 in hagerstown, 31 in martinsburg, 32 degrees in
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winchester. please use caution. you don't always see black ice. it feels like 18 degrees in gaithersburg when you add the wind. 26 in quantico. in d.c. the wind chill of 27. we reached 3047 degrees yesterday. it was a broad day with -- a ra-- a raw day yesterday. don't be surprised if you see another burst of snow flurries today. that's the our southwest. in terms of our weather today, a snow maker in kansas giving them up to a foot, in nebraska as well. that will be moving our way. we will see clouds and perhaps a
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little wintry mix on friday. day, partly cloudy skies, highs in the 30's, but feeling like 20's. tonight it will still be breezy with lows in the upper teens to mid 20's. sunshine tomorrow. cloudy friday with the next system. hoping for a great end to the weekend on sunday. that's when you want to make your outdoor plants. how are things jamee? >> just a little optical in the third street tunnel with a stalled car. we hope that is out of there before it becomes a problem. be careful. 66, opened in arlington, falls church and the beltway does not have much to tell you. northbound 234 in manassas is shut down with a crash try to get into manassas, this is before you get to dumphries road.
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619 is open, but it is quite a distance. no problems on 95 pushing up to the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. apple is the latest u.s. company that has been hit by hackers. >> falling rocks going viral. rob nelson has more. >> apple gets hacked into. macintosh computers of some employees were infected by the malware that hit twitter and facebook. no customer data has been compromised. your friends can get together for workouts even if you are thousands of. miles of it connects up to five participants with a trainer via webcam. >> it's an appealing option for people that don't want to leave their home or make a commitment to a gym and really enjoy your workout class is. >> the group work out classes
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aren't an hour. in russia, the meteorite was the most watched event.
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>> the maryland house of delegates is a step closer to approving a bill to address the court ruling on pit bulls. >> the legislation was prompted by a decision that says the dogs are inherently dangerous for and that owners and land llords were responsible for dog bites. the house is said to give final approval to the bill soon. >> maryland lawmakers are expected to resume talks today on a plan to pay for new roads bridges, and transit bonds. senate president mike miller has put forward several proposals
5:26 am
including a 3% sales tax on gasoline. republicans say the state just needs to do a better job of managing transportation revenue instead of raising taxes. >> the notes texting while driving a law goes to governor bob mcdonnell for his signature in virginia. it makes it a primary offense meaning police can pull you over for doing just that. the bill also raises the fine to $250 for the first offense $500 for the second offense. similar laws already in effect in d.c. and maryland. . 3 degrees. much more ahead at 5:38. >> huge legal troubles for two former leaders. and congressman jesse jackson jr. and f
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> brenda heck, added pain for students at suitland high school and already grieving the murder of a 15-year-old classmate from monday. they learned a second student was murdered on tuesday. good morning, washington. it's wednesday, february 20. i am cynne simpson. >> i am scott thuman. great to have you along on this wednesday. i want to point out a two school delays. allegany county's enriched on a two hour delay. and garrett county also on a two hour delay. -- allegany county's ridge
5:31 am
district on a two hour delay. >> 30 degrees in gaithersburg 32 in frederick, 35 in d.c. any moisture left over from yesterday will freeze on the roads. watch for the potential for black ice today. a few slippery spots early this morning. by 10:00 that should go away. it will be a blustery day. temperatures will be in the upper 30's, but it will feel like 20's throughout the day. keeping our eye on another system that will bring us a mixed bag of weather on friday and then some rainfall on saturday. more details on that coming up. for now from the belfort furniture weather center, here is jamee. >> relatively quiet. pushing down to the beltway, maryland 270 connecticut avenue, georgia avenue, looking good. northbound georgia avenue north of fourth glance, there was a stalled car, but that is not
5:32 am
causing delays. virginia, still problem on 234 heading towards manassas. accident northbound side appears 234 still shut down before you get to dumphries road. southbound side is getting by. back to you. >> thank you. community members and school officials all calling for an end to the violence. >> two suitland high school students have been murdered. brianne carter is live excellent high school with more on what will be another tax day. we got yesterday was all. >> unimaginable. police searching for a suspect in this second shooting in as many days of a suitland high school student. around 5:30 tuesday night, authorities were called to the 3700 block of donnell drive where two 18-year-old or found dead. one of them a freshman pronounced dead at the hospital.
5:33 am
the other in grave condition. on monday, 15-year-old charles walker jr. was shot and "kill list while walking near his home-- shot and killed while walking near his home, for a pair of shoes. we understand that school officials are calling for action. they say something has to be done to stop this continuing violence that's going on. at this time, police say they're following several leads in a number of these cases. there have been six students shot in as many months. brianne carter abc 7 news. >> wow. former illinois congressman jesse jackson jr. and his wife are scheduled to be in court today and for police hearings. >> the democrat is expected to plead guilty to charges he used campaign funds to buy personal
5:34 am
items. he faces up to five years in jail. prosecutors want him to repay the money. sandra jackson is expected to plead guilty to filing false joint income tax returns that knowingly understated the couple's income. >> former new orleans mayor ray nagin said to be arraigned today on bribery charges. he was indicted last month on 21 federal counts, is accused of accepting more than $200,000 in bribes. federal magistrate will set bail today. prosecutors may ask the judge to take away his passport. a tentative trial date will also be sent. >> the washington nationals may have one last thing to worry about as they prepare for the upcoming season. espn report pictured gio gonzalez did not receive performance enhancing drugs from a florida clinic. that's at the center of a widening doping scandal. a document explains that he purchased weight loss substances from the clinic, but those substances are not banned by
5:35 am
major-league baseball. >> robert griffin iii wants to ease the nerves of fans worry that he will try to rush his comeback to the field following knee surgery. his new adidas ad is causing anxiety. >> blow it all up. because all that matters at is what [indiscernible]. >> he tweeted some clarification. >> fingers crossed that he will be on the field soon. it's 5:35, to 33 degrees. >> we will continue our series
5:36 am
on american heart month with a look at some ways you can mix up your cardio workouts.
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>> it takes a lot to do a morning news show. is especially when every second counts. >> and everything has to be fast. >> we are the production assistants for abc 7.
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and we would like to say -- >> good morning, washington. >> they are taking over the studio this morning. they are awesome. 5:38, 35 degrees. but it feels colder. this is the coldest day of the week. that is not stopping adam caskey. he has cherry blossoms on his mind this morning. >> it is hard to stop me even when it's very cold outside. 32 degrees at the tidal basin a. under the beautiful cherry trees just across from the jefferson memorial. today marks the one month countdown from the cherry blossom festival. i know it's seems far away, hard to believe we are starting the day at 30 degrees and cherry blossoms are just around a corner. is too early to determine when they will be in full bloom. let's look at some other area by members.
5:40 am
winds are gusting, making it feel a lot colder than 33 degrees. wind chills down in the '20s and we will see a few wind chills in the teens today. 30 and sterling and chantilly 33 in warrenton. 33 in chesapeake beach. 30 la plata. a few degrees below freezing and a few locations on this wednesday morning. windy and cold today blustery, highs in the mid to upper 30's. about 38 the high temperature but it will feel like we're in the 20's with the wind. it will be gusting frequently today. not much improvement tomorrow, still cold and windy. we will have more on the extended forecast coming up. now look at the roads with jamee. >> no problems. even the rails are checking out fine. on time and on schedule. looking at some of our cameras no problems or delays, the time
5:41 am
to get going on 395 to each direction between the beltway and the 14th street bridge. >> in manassas, there is a closure northbound 234 try to get into manassas before you get to dumphries road. bristow road would work, but it is extra time needed. better news in maryland. van dusen road had been closed, but it is open now after road repairs. now you can use that. that's good news. back to you. >> thank you. 5:41, 33 degrees outside. >> vice-president joe biden continues his push for more gun- control. we will tell you what he said about getting rid of semi- ♪ ♪ i'd like to thank eating right whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans?
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>> it's cold today and that's tough enough. imagine if you were allergic to the colt. happens. people allergic to the draft that comes through an open door to touch and a cold soda, to go grocery shopping in the freezer section. -- allergic to the cold. one woman's right to stay warm, tonight at 5:00. >> we continue our special series for american heart marc perry dr. suggest at least 30 minutes of cardio per day. for some people that treadmill can be boring. >> jummy olabanji introduces us to the two cartel the hybrid work out that are growing in popularity in our area. >> pilotis and boxing, ballet and cycling, many say they are even better together. several times a week, this this club in the alexandria is packed with people working out their
5:46 am
way to good health. this is a combination of boxing and pilotisates. >> you're going back and forth between the two. >> it burns fat and increases your heart rate. >> you get the people that may be like my auncertain classes but may be intimidated. >> it's the same people flocking to a fitness center in arlington for hybrid class of traditional spinning and ballet bar inspired movements. >> people can get a heart pumping work out and then do the toning exercises after. crack this class has been a hit. >> it sells out every week. >> i'm here up at 5:30 so i
5:47 am
must like it a lot. >> a total body workout. >> its men for everyone from beginners to advanced athletes. you get control of your resistance over the bike. were the unit to take a break it's meant to be for everybody. >> party of this helps protect against heart disease and improves your mood, enhances your energy, promotes sleep, and manages your weight. he lets his girlfriend's drag him to class. >> you can tell after the first week or two that you are definitely losing weight and feeling better. >> abc 7 news, jummy olabanji. >> what do you think? >> i think there are some moves i should try out for. it's looks like the baltimore ravens and joe flacco will begin talking about a potential new contracts. >> officials and his agent planted down in indianapolis
5:48 am
this weekend. -- are planning to sit down in indianapolis to talk this weekend. he stands to make a lot of money if he signs with the ravens. >> a barn burner of a finished. nolte of virginia and draining the three-pointer. 10 seconds left. atlanta still in the inbound pass. virginia cannot pull off what would've been a huge win on the road. 54-50, the final score. uva could it used an upset to bolster their n.c.a.a. credentials. >> they went north to battle boston college. tim brant has this highlight. >> the maryland terrapins travel to boston college to find out how they would respond after defeating duke. the terrapins are still inconsistent.
5:49 am
let me take you to test nob hilchesnutt hill. the terrapins leading and 1/2. the eagles were ignited after intermission. just blow by everybody. boston college collecting the loose ball. hanlon had 26 points. the terrapins got afall to maryland. there's hobson. let the celebrations begin. wakefield wins 45-44. in college basketball tonight, a georgetown plays depaul. have a great day. correct comeback>> r.g. iii's father talks about his son's recovery from knee surgery. >> "gma" anchor lara spencer
5:50 am
talks about the return of robin roberts. >> and car accidents even when you are not at fault. all that ahead at 6:00. >> vice president joe biden says americans don't need semi- automatic weapons to protect their homes. he spoke in an online video as part of a facebook town hall hosted by parents magazine. >> you don't need an ar15. it's harder to aim and harder to use. by a shotgun. correct he says he keeps two shotguns locked up at his house. he taught his wife how to use them in case she needs protection as well. longtime gun control advocate sarah brady is expected in annapolis today. t will be there to show support for measure backed by governor
5:51 am
martin o'malley that would ban assault weapons. the bill would also strengthen licensing requirements for handguns. she is the wife of former white house records secretarpress secretary jim brady, was paralyzed during an assassination attempt on ronald reagan. >> it is cold. we have been walking down memory lane thinking of our favorite cartoons when we were kids. i loved rainbow bright and my little pony. >> i am a little old school with the traditional looney tunes, but i did not like the. violent the brooks laich the road runner? -- >> i did not like the violent cartoons.
5:52 am
>> like the road runner? >> yes. there's lake-effect snow of the mason-dixon line this morning. the farther north today, the more cloudy. the farther south, the more sunshine you will get today. temperatures are close to the freezing mark. there was moisture on the road on my way here this morning. that could be black ice. hagerstown winchester, all over the freezing mark. it's 35 degrees in d.c. it feels like 18 in frederick with the wind chill, 19 winchester 31 degrees. in degrees we made it up to 47 yesterday, where we should be. today the average of 48 will not be reached. we will be about 10 degrees colder than that. let's show you today we have a break between storms. the next one across parts of texas likely to show them severe
5:53 am
weather today. near blizzard conditions in mclean. heavy snow in kansas and nebraska. that is headed our way friday. that's when we expect a wintry mix and the clouds returning. enjoy today although it will be cold and partly cloudy, high between 34 and 39. mostly clear tonight, los in the teens and 20's. a bit of a break on thursday. friday, the potential for wintry mix. and a few showers into saturday. sunday looks like the best day of the weekend for now. west a check on traffic and weather jamee. >> scramble a little. in virginia, 234 now traffic is able to get by. that was closed northbound. one lane getting by interaction with tow truck on the scene. on 66, a new accident happened
5:54 am
on eastbound 66 at 28 centreville. the cars involved. that was right in the center. around the region on the beltway, virginia and maryland,. no, here we go across the american legion bridge. back to you. >> thank you. the postal service is getting into the fashion business. >> the airline industry is bracing for another big winter storm. let's check in with linda bell from bluebird in new york with more. good morning. >> hello again. we had our share of snow in the northeast and mother nature and is hitting some parts of the country with another winter storm. this time it is the rocky mountain states in the midwest. delta is raising fees for customers who need to change travel plans starting today until the 22nd. flights into and out of the midwest travel hubs such as chicago and minneapolis
5:55 am
affected. heavy rain and snow could be beneficial to the drought scorched areas of the country. one meteorologist says that snowfall in excess of 1 foot is expected across parts of nebraska and kansas. when you think of the postal service, fashion may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it plans to launch a new product line of apparel and accessories. they say the focus is to produce items using where bull electronics technologies -- usi ng wearable electronic technologies. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. looking at 33 degrees. >> coming up, an interesting story. a woman called to 911 landed her behind bars. wide was the result
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> welcome back. a florida judge has ruled the perjury case against shellie zimmerman can proceed. >> she is the wife of george zimmerman. she's accused of lying about the couple's finances during a bond hearing last year in her husband second-degree murder case. she claimed she had virtually no
5:59 am
money, but prosecution records show the couple had raised more than $100,000 in online donations. >> an ideal man charged with scrapping a toddler on an airplane has an appearance in federal court. joe hundley experts are rendered to a federal agents. he was released on $10,000 bond. he was charged with simple assault. his attorneys say that he will plead not guilty. many republican members of congress consider themselves to be conservative. >> the national journal is out with its list of the most conservative members of congress in 2012. the political magazine says todd akin tops the list. left congress after losing his senate race to democrat claire mccaskill. the georgia congressman austin scott was next on the list, followed by tennessee congresswoman marcia blackburn. a woman in texas did not want to make a run to the store for cigarettes so she decided to call

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